​​​​​​I am feeling happy because I have made ₹ 1600+ with the used ROCKET STRATEGY

You can also take this opportunity with team My 30 Trades. As well as you can join trading course for your indepent trading as well as you can book session for below strategy


Morning Magic Risk - 500 Reward - 1000


Rocket Strategy Risk - 1000 Reward - 2000+


DhanVarsha Strategy Risk - 2000 Reward- 5000+


Dhanvarsha Max Strategy Risk - 5000 Reward - 20000/-

If You are facing losses in trading so once try my 30 trades & make your profit like me and enjoy it as well as you will be become a good trader in Trading Career.


And I'm really thanks to my association is with my 30 trades The Trend Setter Award Wining Company.


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You Can Visit On MY30TRADES Site And take opportunity to take a "educational series".


 Disclaimer: This Video Is Made For Educational Purpose And Not An Invitation For Trading. All Are Requested To Trade At Your Own Risk And We Are not responsible for any losses

Posted on 27th May 2022 16:00:44 By Reshma Jadhav

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